Weight & Balance

Weight & Balance Calculator

Standard CI Plog

Standard Plog for flights between ACI/GCI/CER/JER.

Dunkeswell Plog

Standard Plog for Dunkeswell flights

Dunkeswell OoH

Dunkeswell Out of Hours application form.

Guernsey GAR

Guernsey GAR form

Cost Sharing

Cost Sharing Passenger Declaration

Pilots Orders

Pilots Flying Orders   version 5 wef 24th February 2023

Safety Briefing

Passenger Safety Briefing.

Baggage Hold

Baggage Hold Measurements

W & B Schedule

Weight & Balance Schedule

Tech Log Sheet

Tech Log Sheet

Defect Sheet

Deferred Defect Sheet

HMRC Drawback

Rate of excise duty on Avgas is £0.3629 per litre - March 2022